Global Universal Charger with Bag

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Global Universal Charger with Bag

Size: 45 x 55 x 60 (mm)

Weight: 135g

Wide voltage range, AC 6A suitable for all global voltages 100-240V. (Note: This product does not have voltage conversion function). Added with 2 USB charging ports (DC output: 5V, 2500mA)

Compatible with all types of sockets worldwide (European, Australian, British, American, etc.).

Casing: Made of high-temperature resistant, impact-resistant, and flame-retardant PC material.

Fuse: The socket is equipped with replaceable fuses, providing an additional layer of safety with overload automatic power-off protection.

Sockets: Includes European, Australian, British, and American sockets. The sockets have safety protection doors to prevent accidental electric shocks, ensuring user safety!

This product does not support power exceeding 1000W. Please ensure that the voltage range of your electronic devices is within the local voltage standards before use. Thank you.